Princeton™ – 9″ RV Digital Air Number Bed Featuring A Plush Knit Top



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  • Mattress Height: 9 Inches (depending on inflation level).
  • Sleep As Great On The Road As You Do At Home!
  • The plush top is breathable to promote a temperature neutral sleep experience.
  • Digital air support allows you to easily adjust your personal comfort level.
  • Wireless digital air controls offer 50 medically recognized comfort settings for maximum support and comfort customization.
  • Air chamber borders are double sealed for maximum strength & longevity.
  • Easy Install and Set-Up. Unbox. Unroll. Enjoy!
  • Free Shipping

What All Is Included:
Mattress, Air Chamber(s), Air Inflation System.

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Free Shipping

25 Year Warranty

25 Year Warranty

Dual Adjustable Digital Air Sleep System

Dual Adjustable

Premium Quality Mattress

Premium Quality