MAJ-12™ – Full Depth Flotation Therapy – Complete Bed Bundle



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The MAJ-12™ provides all the pressure relieving support benefits of full depth flotation sleep, incorporated in the latest mattress design technology.

  • Featuring a beautiful, stretch knit pillow top featuring a Tri-Zone cover for maximum pressure relief & comfort
  • Somni-Cool™ technology engineered to increase evaporative performance and to create a cooler sleeping environment
  • Pressure relieving fluid chambers provide true full depth flotation and waveless performance
  • Dual digital temperature control enables you to precisely regulate your sleeping environment
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What All Is Included:
Mattress, Dual 850 Water Chambers (King & Queen Sizes), 750 Water Chamber (Full & Twin Sizes), Digital Temperature Control System, 10-Piece Complete Fill/Drain/Maintenance Kit, Liner, Foundation(s), Versaleg Bed Legs

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