Imperial™ – 10″ Full Depth Flotation Therapy

The pressure relieving Imperial™ mattress with it’s Frame Free Euro design is the ideal choice for the consumer who understands the benefits of a waterbed with it’s temperature controlled fluid support, yet seeks to move toward a more conventional looking mattress. The Frame Free Euro design eliminates hard to enter and exit traditional wood frame (waterbed) designs!

Featuring a beautiful, high density performance plush top featuring Phase Change which allows your bed to absorb, store and release body heat in order to regulate and maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature. Also features a Full Fit Contour Liner, Memory Weave Power Edge Wrapped M-Rails and shimmering grey/black slate side panels. Select from a complete line of support chambers – most featuring “Total Body Support” for maximum orthopedic spinal alignment. 5 premium watermattress chambers to choose from!