821™ – 12″ Latex Coil Mattress



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This firm mattress is constructed with organic materials, Natural Latex and upcycled steel so you can sleep comfortably on an environmentally friendly cloud!

  • Mattress Height: 12 Inches.
  • Organic Elements 821 Latex & Coil Mattress: Natural Latex responds to your weight & gently contours to the body to promote head-to-toe comfort, proper support & pressure reduced sleep. 8 inch (884 count) upcycled steel coils & Quad Coil perimeter edge support, pocketed in PLA plant based sugar cane derived fiber encasements
  • Featuring G.O.T.S. certified Organic Cotton ticking and 100% certified American Wool.
  • Organic Elements Collection mattresses are designed and handcrafted with the health and environmentally conscious person in mind. Built with natural, sustainable and organic elements, and eliminating dangerous chemicals or toxic substances. Organic Elements Collection mattresses are designed to provide a healthier and safer sleep environment.
  • Easy Install and Set-Up. Unbox. Unroll. Enjoy!
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What All Is Included:
Mattress. Foundation (Optional). Mattress Topper (Optional).

Free Sheets with Any A.S.C. Online Mattress Purchase
Natural Latex & Upcycled Steel Coils Pocketed In Plant Based Fiber Encasements

Latex/Coil Support

Sleep Cool Pin Core Air Flow Design

Sleep Cool Design

Temperature Regulting Certified 100% Wool

Temp Regulating

Certified G.O.T.S. Organic Cotton Ticking Material & Backing Fabric

Certified G.O.T.S.