InnoMax Clearance Corner Section

Enjoy Huge Savings On Numerous Sleep Products! Floor Models, One-Of-A-Kinds, Close-Outs, Bumped & Bruised, Discontinued and more!

Important Note: All Clearance Corner products have been quality tested and approved. All products in the clearance corner section are discontinued or one-of-a-kinds that are sold as-is, with no returns. Normal manufacturer warranty’s may apply.

Digital Air Number Beds Category

Digital Air Number Beds contour to the shape of the person allowing the body weight to be evenly distributed for minimum contact pressure. At the touch of a button, you can customize the correct support to fit your personal preference, so that your waking up feeling relaxed, refreshed and energized!

Upper-Flex Digital Air Number Beds Category

Dual Head Beds offer individual adjustability, yet does away with the gap of separate sleep surfaces. The upper dual head zone is split (32 inches) while the entire lower zone is complete like a regular mattress, so couples can sleep in the same mattress and choose multiple comfort options!

RV Digital Air Number Beds Category

R.V. Digital Air Beds: Why compromise comfort while traveling, sleep as great on the road as you do at home! At the touch of a button, you can customize the correct support to fit your personal preference, so that your waking up feeling relaxed, refreshed and energized!

Memory Foam & Gel Beds Category

Memory Foam and Memory-Gel™ Beds: These specially formulated, temperature responsive materials contour to your body for even weight distribution and to eliminate pressure points. Featuring an open cell breathable design so you can sleep cool and comfortable. These materials absorb energy and motion for less partner disturbance.

Natural Latex & Organic Beds Category

Natural & Organic Latex Beds: The durability, flexibility, resilience, and hygienic properties of this natural material allow the Latex to be used to create some truly amazing products! The flexibility of the Latex molds itself to the contours of the sleeper, completely supporting the body! It’s cell structure, with millions of interconnecting cells, provides self-ventilation, sustaining the life of the mattress!

Softside Fluid Beds Category

Mid-Fill & Deep Fill Softside Waterbeds: What is a softside waterbed you may ask? A softside waterbed looks just like a traditional innerspring mattress, but has waterchambers instead! Enjoy all the warmth and comfort of a hardside waterbed without the hard to enter and exit hardside frame. Adjustable temperature control(s) allow you to find that perfect temperature, so you can get a great night’s rest. There are 2 different types of softside beds to choose from: 6″ depth (mid fills) and 8.5″ depth (deep fills).

Hardside Waterbed Kit Bundles Category

Traditional Hardside Waterbed Mattress Kit Bundles: Enjoy the warmth, comfort and pressure relief of a modern waterbed. The controlled heated fluid system allows the body weight to be distributed more evenly over the surface, eliminating pressure on various parts of the body. The motion & warmth of the bed helps a person to relax & improves their comfort levels.

Hardside Waterbed Accessories Category

Traditional Hardside Waterbed Accessories: Products to help you enjoy your waterbed even more!

Adjustable Category

Adjustable Beds & Power Bases: Precision engineering and advanced technology offer a great night’s sleep and so much more! Variable positions of the head and foot sections offer ideal positions for many things such as reading, watching TV, medical related issues or just plain relaxing! (Adjustable Beds and Power Bases available).

Bedroom Sleep Accessories Category

Sleep Accessories: Massager’s, Mattress Pads, Pillows and more to help you create there perfect sleep sanctuary, so you can get a great night’s sleep!