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To Make Sure You Get Optimal Use From Your RV Single Control Air Bed, Please See Below:

The INNOMAX® Digital-Air 2.0™ Inflator Pump with Wireless Remote Control is designed to adjust variable support in the chamber system to provide personal contouring so you or your partner can regulate your own individual comfort.
Featuring the latest Smart Support Technology™ (SST) for continuous comfort. The Digital-Air 2.0 is easy to operate and includes minimal power consumption with low noise for the best rest of your life. The remote control adjusts both sides of the air mattress.
RV Single Air Bed Control & Inflator

Video Duration: 7 min 30 sec. | Instructions: 0:00 – 4:45 | Troubleshooting Tips: 4:45 – 7:30


1. Plug in the pump. The power indicator will turn green
which means the system is in standby mode. (If remote
shows “Er” see “Troubleshooting” section).
2. Press any button to light LCD for operation. If there
is no operation after 15 seconds, LCD will turn off automatically.
3. Pressing L or R button: when LCD shows “L” or “R” you can
adjust the left side or right side air chamber accordingly.
4. Inflation or Deflation: after selecting “L” or “R”, press
“Inflation” or “Deflation” button will activate inflation or deflation.
The sleep setting shown on LCD will increase or decrease
relative to inflation level in the air chamber. Scrolling bar will
scroll up or down to show that the support index in increasing
or decreasing. At any time during the period of inflation or
deflation, pressing any button will stop inflation or deflation. Or
when the fill level reaches maximum (“50” on LCD) or minimum
(“0” on LCD), the inflation or deflation will stop automatically.
5. “MEM” Memory: after selecting “L” or “R” side air chamber,
pressing the “MEM” memory button, LCD will show “MEM” and
the pump will be activated to inflate or deflate until the sleep
setting in air chamber reaches the level memorized. When the
pump is inflating or deflating to the level memorized, pressing
any button will stop inflation or deflation.
6. Setting Memory Level: when LCD shows a sleep setting readout,
before or after inflation or deflation, press memory button for 3
seconds, memory indicator will flash & the current support index
level will be kept as a new memory level. The memory level for
the left or right side air chamber can be set in the same way, to
be same or different. The default level is 25 mm/Hg (“25” on LCD).
7. Smart Support Technology: SST is enabled by default to
maintain level last selected or memory setting for continuous
comfort. SST may be disabled by pressing the arrow up button
for 3 seconds, then whil still pressing arrow up button, quickly
pressing the “MEM” button which will display F1, at this time
pressing “MEM” will turn SST off or on. When disabled SST
symbol will not show in the LCD display.
Technical Data: Adjustable Inflation: Up to 50 mm/Hg. Voltage: DC12V. Operating Power: 25W. Standby Power: 2W.


1. Buttons: On startup, buttons may need to be pushed more
than once as inflator calibrates to sleep system.
2. Range: wireless remote control range is 15 to 30 ft (5-10cm),
so if out of range controller will show “Er”.
3. Sync: While remote is synced before delivery, if “Er” continues to
show on LCD please re-sync. To re-sync, disconnect power to the
pump, then power it on again, while the power indicator on pump
is red, within 30 seconds, press any button to light LCD, then press
down “R” button for 3 seconds and when the LCD shows “SU”
the pump & remote are synced again successfully.
4. Batteries: The remote is powered by three AAA batteries. LCD
will show low battery capacity alert when it is time to replace
the batteries. Please remove batteries if the inflator will not be
in use for a long period of time.
5. The Digital Readout On Hand Control will vary: depending on
many external factors such as temperature changes, exposure to
direct sunlight & temperature changes with or without sleeper.
6. Readings May Vary When Lying In Different Positions: ie
laying on your side versus your back or stomach.
7. Digital Readout Will Fluctuate During Inflation and/or
Deflation: Once the button is released, briefly touch button
once and the control and inflator will synchronize. The reading
will then reflect the realtime pressure setting.
8. Readouts Will Differ When Somebody Is On Bed vs Not On Bed:
Check readout at night & again the next morning while lying in bed
for at least 2 nights without making any changes to the sleeping
conditions to verify a significant change in readout. If a significant
number difference (such as 10) is noticed under consistent
circumstances, contact authorized dealer for replacement or online
at www.innomax.com/warranty-claim-form. Phone: 720-241-0648.


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RV Single Control Air Bed Operating Instructions